Letting Go

Ok, so I recently saw The Dark Knight Rises (I am always late with movies) and I thought it was really incredible! I especially liked the opening scene with the dark/epic music, the plane getting ripped apart by a larger plane and, of course, how could I forget the guy so loyal to Bane that […]

Get into “State”

Have you ever wondered what makes a good night out? Would you like to know the one secret to really boost your chances with women?
Igor talks about what it means to be in “State” and gives a tip on how to achieve it.


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I was instructed by Igor for day game. Now before I signed up I had my doubts but then trying it out blew my mind because I had no idea you could just approach so easily and get so many numbers without flakes!
Mark D London, UK
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I am from Macedonia and my language is not best but regardless instructor Igor is a cool guy. He helped me understand gaming in a different way but personally he helped with a few issues outside of picking up. The extra thing about Igor is he shows as a friend and a teacher. thank you
Nikola London, UK
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Just wanna say that I am really grateful to have spent time with Igor...I went from being nervous around girls and even before talking to them but now have much more confidence and recently met a girl I really like (my 10/10)
Andy Northampton, UK