Manifesting Desires


The time’s slowly approaching 09:00 as I have a peek at my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with it’s funky, green, almost Tiffany-like cover. I am holding-on to my dear life inside a packed-out Victoria line wagon. For those that haven’t already experienced it it is literally like you’re getting packed into a can of sardines at this time of the day, so naturally, I am starting to get slightly annoyed. I begin to look around to try to get my mind elsewhere and it’s only then that I notice it. I start moving my head closer and I cannot believe what I am reading…it reads something like this:

“…But first, you have to experience stillness. Stillness is the first requirement for manifesting your desires, because in stillness lies your connection to the field of pure potentiality that can orchestrate an infinity of details for you.
Imagine throwing a little stone into a still pond and watching it ripple. Then, after a while, when the ripples settle down, perhaps you throw another little stone. That’s exactly what you do when you go into the field of pure silence and introduce your intention. In this silence, even the faintest intention will ripple across the underlying ground of universal consciousness, which connects everything with everything else. But, if you do not experience stillness in conscious-ness, if your mind is like a turbulent ocean, you could throw the Empire State Building into it, and you wouldn’t notice a thing.” – The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra

I love the analogy.

In fact, I love it so much that I’ve decided to share an audio extract from Deepak’s book that you can listen to. (Please dedicate some time to listen to it. Think of this as a worthy Inner Game exercise).


Author: Igor Miles

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